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Cuji Foods
Puesto de frutas


Daniella, Andres, and Ricardo are the founders of CUJÍ Foods, a marketplace of South American specialty items located in Boulder, Colorado. Our company aims to become a melting pot of nationalities by developing a sense of community around traditional cuisine and fantastic service. Ultimately, CUJÍ seeks to become the first stop for purchasing Hispanic food products in Colorado and eventually expand further to encompass North America.

Daniella grew up surrounded by medical professionals; growing up; she decided to take a different path and became an Industrial Engineer (UCAB 2011). While doing her Master's in Engineering Management at the University of Colorado Boulder (CU), in the Entrepreneurship for Engineers class, she had an assignment to "develop a business model." With the help of her husband Andres and his brother Ricardo, she considered multiple business ideas. Finally, they all concluded that the concept with a tremendous potential was to distribute Hispanic food products, high-quality products unknown in the local community, at affordable prices.


Since childhood, Andres and Ricardo have worked in their family businesses, led by their father and grandfather, successful entrepreneurs. As a result, both got business degrees, which gives them a strong background in sales, management, finances, and marketing. Both Andres and Ricardo had been significant support for Daniella.


With the three working together as a team, it did not take long for the project that began as a class assignment to become a real business opportunity. It evolved into "CUJÍ," a family business idea they had when they all lived in Venezuela.

What is CUJÍ? Cují is a common tree variant in Carora, our hometown. It's a tree that grows in semi-arid regions, typically in inclement conditions, high temperatures all year long, and without much water. Therefore, it provides shade and freshness. Usually, the Cují trees and their shade become a meeting point for people to get together while taking a break from the heat. It becomes part of the community, a point of reference, and a part of people's daily lives. As our likeness to the Cují tree, we want to become a meeting spot for the community, a place for people that love food and engage with new Cultures. CUJÍ Foods will offer the highest quality products from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, and more.

Andrés Melendez



(Director of Operations)

The operations role primarily focuses on creating and overseeing company´s customer retention initiatives in compiling company budgets and growth strategies.



(Director of Logistics)

Essential duties will include managing product procurement and inventory management and fulfillment, and shipping to support growth and keep operating costs low.

Daniella Ferrantelli
Ricardo Melendez



(Director of Sales)

Among his functions will be managing and supervising sales operations. In addition, design plans to meet sales goals, develop and cultivate customer relationships, and evaluate costs to determine the price of our products.

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